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Art and Retail is specially designed for dealers who desire to offer DesignCrete® products to members of the artistic community or intermittent users of our products. Whether it is our stone or cement mixes, SuperClear™ epoxy, HD Colorants, or one of our other products, we help you meet the demand for any DesignCrete® product.

From sealants and coatings to barriers and mixes, we have you covered. What is more, DesignCrete® is the only company in the industry to offer a Direct Ship program to expedite and streamline the shipping process for you and our customers. Our team will ship the products and send a notification so you can quickly re-invoice using your standard pricing programs.

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DesignCrete® Installations From Our Art & Retail Segment

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Low inventory commitment

Training and introduction package (includes trial assortment)

Direct Ship support

Predictable margin for your business and costs for you customers

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Intermittent applicators/converters of our products

Those who wish to use one or more components of our extensive product assortment

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