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Our durable and decorative overlay system can do it all, with a variety of colors and unlimited texturing capabilities.

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Our business segments are licensed on an exclusive or nonexclusive basis, depending on your needs.

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Our products have applications all over the world. We make it easy for you to create beautiful products anywhere!

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DesignCrete Makes Beautiful, Durable Overlays
For Your Custom Creations


Our decorative stone overlay is offered in an unlimited color palette with options for texture stamping, logos, and other customized designs.


Not only are our projects sealed and seamless, but they are heat, scratch and stain resistant to create the most durable product possible.


Our decorative stone overlay consists of a thin, lightweight layer that allows for wall application, use in recreational vehicles and more.


Our team of experts ensures that you get the highest quality designs for an economic price.


Our decorative stone overlay saves on waste and is low-VOC. We can even reuse substrate materials including laminate, granite and others.  In fact, we have yet to find a substrate we couldn’t apply it over.

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DesignCrete is a versatile, fashion-oriented designer product with a strong value proposition for your customer and a rich profitability model for you! Click on the button below to get started today!

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Provide An Incredible Profit Opportunity For Your Business!

Our business segments are licensed on an exclusive or nonexclusive basis, depending on your needs. When considered in conjunction with the product lines, this creates a custom solution for your market area.

Home and Business

Our training program and support system allows you to start with a small investment and grow with us over time. In fact, our initial training package provides enough material for you to recoup your investment on your first job. We do not know of any other training program designed to do this. Contact us for more information.

Art & Retail

We will help you satisfy your customers! We drop ship on your behalf throughout the world- no need for a heavy investment with inventory and handling costs! This allows you to satisfy demand and expand your markets without the need to worry about the logistical details.

Specialty Solutions

Help us help you with the application of our products for your needs. Boats, recreation vehicles, hospitality industry (hotels, restaurants and retail businesses of all kinds), government, offices are no problem for DesignCrete®. In the furniture business? We can help you create a product that you customer will love and your accountant will appreciate!


Our products have applications all over the world. Contact us so that we can discuss your application requirements and customer needs.

DesignCrete is your premier provider for versatile, durable overlay solutions.