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DesignCrete® Countertop Mix

 DesignCrete® Concrete Countertop Mix

The concrete powder is a Portland based overlay that mixes with water to achieve the desired consistancy and its ability to adhere to almost any surface; such as laminate, solid surfaces, MDF board, high density particle board and cultured marble.  There is no need for extensive surface preparation or sticky primers .

Designcrete® SuperClear


This two part sealer is applied after the countertop mix has been applied and colored, to completely seal the surfaces and give the look of depth to your countertop or other project.

This product dries and cures in 18 hours and the result is just as the name implies.


  • It is mixed in a 1:1 ratio
  • Clarity unmatched by most epoxies
  • Great scratch resistance
  • Offers depth to your projects
  • Has no smell
  • Can be thinned

DesignCrete® FinalCoat


This two part top coat is applied in a thin layer and provides the hardness, scatch, stain and heat resistance for your countertop.   Its ease of application makes it popular with the concrete countertop industry.


  • Great heat  resistance
  • Great scratch resistance
  • great stain resistance
  • Applies over SuperClearTM
  • Can be applied directly over solid concrete
  • Cold water cleanup
  • No smell

DesignCrete® Colorants

DesignCrete® Colorants

There are 14 basic colorants supplied in the starter kits and they can be used to make any of the countertop colors and styles in the training manual.   But the colors that can be used are as diverse as the rainbow.  The colors, textures and styles of the surfaces you can create are only limited by your imagination.    Just ask if there is a particular color that you or your client is looking for, and we will work with you to get a perfect match.

Our colors are finely ground color liquid pigments.   They mix with water to give the desired intensity.   The colorants have no smell and clean up with tap water.