How does it workDSC_0379_opt

The components are applied in layers and are customized to your color specifications.

What kind of counter do I need to begin?

The countertop that you have will most likely work. The overlay system works with almost any existing surface. Or a custom counter can be built before the overlay is applied.

How heavy will the countertop be?

The overlay is less than 1/8 of an inch thick, so the added weight to your existing counter if very minimal, less than 1lb/sq ft.

What type of finish is on the countertop?

The end product is seamless and totally sealed. It is also heat, stain and scratch resistant.

How does the counter feel when it is completed?

No matter which design or color that you choose, it will end with the look and feel of natural stone.

Will it chip, crack, or scratch?

The DesignCrete® concrete countertop mix is a proprietary polymer Portland mix that has incredible bonding adhesion properties. As with any overlay material it is only as good as the surface it is applied to. Much time and care is taken to prepare the surface for proper adhesion. As seen in the home page video, DesignCrete® is extremely hard, roughly 1400psi at full cure, however it remains pliable and should not crack.  We have had no cases of de-laminating surfaces.  DesignCrete® is very scratch resistant, similar to any stone surface but like anything- not scratch proof. We always recommend to our clients that they use cutting boards.  If a blemish occurs, our final coat product is easily reapplied and your finish is like new again!

Do I need to re-seal the Countertops?

The DesignCrete® system uses a permanent sealant that is impervious to stains and will not hold bacteria. The only reason to re-seal countertops would be to freshen up appearance with a new coat of our Final Coat Sealant.

Can I put hot pans directly on surface?

DesignCrete® is very heat resistant, testing has shown no damage to surface with pans up to 400 degrees. However, we always recommend using hot pads when cooking.