Our Process

The versatility and customization aspects of DesignCrete® are two of its major advantages. We offer a non-demolition installation process that is not available in most other materials. In many cases customers have cabinets that are in perfect working condition but would like new countertops. Instead of removing existing countertops and throwing them in a landfill and potentially damaging surrounding areas of kitchen in the process. We can simply install the DesignCrete® overlay system in place without any messy demolition.  Onsite installation typically takes about 3 days, much of this time is material cure time. The system is comprised of 7 layers of material with a thickness of about 1/8″ thick.  DesignCrete® is ready for use 48 hours after installation is complete.

DesignCrete® can also fabricate new countertops and install the DesignCrete® system onto them at our facility. This process shortens the installation process at clients location to about 4.5 hours.  This process would involve removing old countertops and installing new custom built DesignCrete® countertops. This option allows for many levels of customization concepts  and significantly reduces installation time.

Here is an example of a kitchen being completed step-by-step. The first picture is the framed substrate countertop. The island and countertops were built out of high density particleboard. The progression of pictures are the steps to the final coat of sealant.